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Stacey and Darren Thomson

Stacey and her family moved into a 3-bedroom home at Clearview Rise.

"Darren has been working at the Council Quarry at Roma for the last two years. We couldn’t afford the rents in Roma with one-bedroom units renting for $600 a week.

"So for the first year, Darren lived in a workers’ donger in Roma, and the kids and I stayed in our family home at Warwick. We’d visit Darren on his weekends off, and with the kids the drive used to take us 5 or 6 hours.

"It was really hard living apart for so long, so we moved to Dulacca, just an hour out of Roma. Darren would commute daily, so it meant that he was leaving home at 4.30am, and not getting home until 6.30 or 7 at night. We used to spend more than $200 a week on petrol.

"Now that we’re living in Roma, Darren leaves for work just before 6am, and he’s usually home by 5.30pm. So I absolutely love living in Roma!

"Clearview Rise is a really nice place to live. It’s far enough away from the centre of town to be quiet, but close enough to walk. I walk my daughter Sherriden to school every day. My son Shannan and the dog Rudy come for the walk too – so we all get some exercise."

"Our lives are so much better since we moved to Clearview Rise."

"Sherriden made friends with her whole class on her first day at school, and was invited to a birthday party on her second day! There are 300 kids at Sherry’s school, but it’s so friendly."

"And I love this house. It’s spacious, and it’s cool, even when it’s hot outside. Our old house was freezing in winter and hot in summer. It was a three bedroom home too, but it felt like we were living on top of each other.

"This house feels like it has bigger everything. It’s new and everything works. We’ve got a new appreciation for being together. And because the kids see Darren all the time, they don’t have to constantly vie for his attention. So Darren and I actually get a chance to talk to each other now without
the kids all over us.

"There’s nowhere near as much stress in our lives now."