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Adam Balanda

Adam Balanda invested in a block of land at Clearview Rise and built a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home there to sell.

"I zeroed in on Roma as a good place to invest and then stumbled across Clearview Rise on Roma was attractive to me for a number of reasons. I’ve done a lot of research and Roma hasn’t had a negative capital growth year for the last 25 years.

"And rents are higher than in other places, compared to what you pay for the house. Even though rents fluctuate over the years, even at its low points, rents in Roma are still very close to covering the mortgage repayments for current purchase prices.

"There’s a lot of mining workers close by, but Roma is a large enough town and established enough on its own merits without relying on the mines.

"It’s a hub. There’s a lot of agriculture industry there, and there’s a lot going on with new roads, the airport upgrade.

"In Roma I looked at different blocks and houses that were within established areas and streets. The homes that I liked in other areas had been flood affected.

"I also looked at a subdivision close to Clearview Rise which had bigger blocks, but because I was buying for an investment purpose, a smaller block is just much less maintenance."

"I particularly liked Clearview Rise because it is well above the flood level – it’s the highest point in town."

"Clearview Rise is really well done. It’s got underground power and water so it will look good when it’s finished.

"I have bought blocks of land at Clearview Rise, and have homes built on the Gold Coast and transport them to Roma. Materials and labour are a lot more expensive in Roma, so this method keeps costs down, and the cost savings can be passed on to the purchaser.

"Northern Star Properties build brand new, transportable homes – it’s a really good quality product. And they look great. We’ve got one on site at Clearview Rise that people can walk through and see how it looks and feels."